Image, Object, Site.
Mediterranean / Transcultural Art Histories

Dipartimento Gerhard Wolf

The department’s current projects investigate ways in which objects and images partake in the formation and transformation of environments, and vice versa. The environments studied are shaped partly or fully by humans and technology (including museums and digital worlds), involving specific temporalities and interrelated spatial dimensions. Objects and images, in turn, are viewed in their materiality, mediality and mobility.

The major fields of inquiry are migratory and transcultural dynamics of various scales and in various geopolitical power relations (for example colonial contexts); locative practices, encompassing the connectivity and multiplicity of (social, religious, artistic, and political) sites, as well as catastrophes (such as earthquakes, ecological disasters and wars). The interrelations between heritage and environment have become a major concern of the projects of the department, considered through case studies of broad historical and geographical range. A substantial number of these projects is grouped under the title Art History, Heritage, Environment and contributes to the overarching agenda of questioning the potentials and responsibilities of art history in dialogue with other disciplines and in a critical engagement with digital humanities.


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