In 1898, just one year after founding of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz the Verein zur Förderung des Kunsthistorischen Instituts Florenz was established, with the aim of ensuring the Institute's growth and long-term existence. The association assumed sole legal and financial responsibility for the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz until 1970, when the Institute was placed under the aegis of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science. The Institute's buildings, however, which had been acquired via donations and endowments from private individuals and companies, remained the property of the association until 2002, when they were transferred together with the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz to the Max Planck Society. Today the Förderverein concentrates primarily on supporting and promoting the work of the Institute and contributes towards financing its publications. The cash awards that accompany the Jacob Burckhardt Prize and the Jens Peter Haeusgen Scholarship both come from Förderverein funds. The Förderverein is financed solely through memberships and donations. Its board members offer their services on a voluntary basis.

You can support the academic work of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz by becoming a member of the Förderverein. If you have enjoyed a period of research here yourself we would be especially grateful for your participation. The annual subscription fee is 50 EUR; 65 EUR for couples; or 15 EUR for students. One can also become a supporting member at the cost of 500 EUR. Every year members receive three issues of the Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz, one of the most prestigious international art historical journals, as well as the Research Reports of the Institute. Members are invited to attend the annual conference held in Munich and the presentation ceremony of the Jacob Burckhardt Award, with a special lecture by the prize-winner, that is held every two years, alternately in Florence or Munich. Furthermore, every two years, the association organizes a trip to sites of artistic interest in Florence and Tuscany with guided tours by academics currently working at the Institute.

Information about Membership

If you would like to become a Friend, please download and fill in the membership application form and send it to:

Verein zur Förderung des Kunsthistorischen Instituts in Florenz (Max-Planck-Institut) e.V. c/o Schuhmann Rechtsanwälte
Ludwigstraße 8
80539 München / Germany

Or by email to:

Further information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact: foerderverein@khi.fi.it

The Förderverein is delighted to welcome you as a new member!


1. Chairman

Dr. Andreas Schumacher
Head of Italian Painting
Alte Pinakothek
Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen

E-Mail: andreas.schumacher@pinakothek.de 


2. Chairwoman

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Sölch
Professor for the History of Architecture and Design/Theorie of Architecture
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

E-Mail: brigitte.soelch@abk-stuttgart.de



Dr. Markus Schuhmann
Lawyer, Mediator
Schuhmann Rechtsanwälte

E-Mail: ms@schuhmann-anwaelte.de


Dr. Tim Urban
Head of Research Coordination and Public Relations
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz

E-Mail: urban@khi.fi.it


Mortimer Graf Maltzan
Graf Maltzan Bauplanungen

E-Mail: planung@grafmaltzan.com 


Prof. Dr. Alessandro Nova 
Managing Director
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz

E-Mail: dirnova@khi.fi.it


Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Oy-Marra
Professor of Art History of the Early Modern Era
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

E-Mail: oymarra@uni-mainz.de


Prof. Dr. Christian von Holst
Former Director
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

E-Mail: c.vonholst@t-online.de


Prof. Dr. Iris Wenderholm 
Professor of European Art History of the Early Modern Era
Universität Hamburg

E-Mail: iris.wenderholm@uni-hamburg.de 

Jacob Burckhardt Prize

The Jacob Burckhardt Prize is awarded at regular intervals to outstanding young academics, who are jointly nominated by the Directors of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz together with the Verein zur Förderung des Kunsthistorischen Instituts in Florenz (Max-Planck-Institut) e.V.

Jacob Burckhardt Prize – full details


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