The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz archive comprises documents and bequests from the Institute's foundation in 1897 up to today.

The archive of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz holds some 180,000 records of varied nature and provenance, covering the period from the foundation of the Institute up to the 1990s.

In addition to providing information about the history of the Institute, its areas of research and its scholarly initiatives in the sphere of international art history, this correspondence also includes documents about the activities of the Photothek and the Library. A separate collection of documents relates to the activities of the Deutscher Militärischer Kunstschutz.

The archive can be accessed for research purposes by appointment.

Annette Hoffmann and Katia Mazzucco are in charge of the archive.
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The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz possesses a heterogeneous collection of over twenty bequests previously belonging to former directors, to members of staff and to students who were connected to the Institute and/or with the city of Florence.

hese paper archives contain transcripts of archival sources, notes, travel journals, artist biographies, and bibliographic index cards relating to artworks and collections and to monuments, buildings, and cities. They also include manuscripts and typescripts, personal documents and correspondence, pictures, photographs, drawings, books, and printed materials.

The most important bequests are those of:

Curt Badt, Fabia Borroni Salvadori, Anton von Boschloo, Heinrich Brockhaus, Werner Cohn, Alessandro del Vita, Cornel von Fabriczy, Max Goering, Georg Gronau, Detlef von Hadeln, Fritz Heinemann, Georg Kaftal, Herbert Keutner, Friedrich Kriegbaum, Gustav Ludwig, Ulrich Middeldorf, Walter Paatz, Poggi - Heines, Rossi - Bombe, Klara Steinweg, Henry Thode, Kurt Weigelt


Digital Archives at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz are currently under development. They will include digitized documents from the holdings of the Institute, websites, bequests, data bases, as well as entire online archives.

Currently accessible archives:

Website about the Italian art historian Giuliano Briganti (1918–1992)

The archive of 20th-Century Italian Art was established in 1970, when Christa Baumgarth began building up and shaping its holdings. From 1989 to 1999 the archive was managed by Dr Sandra Galigani.

With its collecting activities focused upon Italian art of the 20th century, the archive complements the Library's regular holdings. It contains booklets of up to 15 pages (e.g. exhibition catalogues), grey literature (such as pamphlets, newspaper clippings and invitations to private views) and photographs.

The archive is accessed via an artists’ catalogue. Monographic holdings are organized in alphabetical order by artist, followed by catalogues of group exhibitions in topographical order.

At present, the archive is not available for consultation.


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