Die Kirchen von Siena

edited by Peter Anselm Riedl and Max Seidel

Die Kirchen von Siena is a special series that has been published since 1985 in alphabetic order of the church titles. It consists of individual sections with text, picture and plan volumes in which the results of the institute's research project are published. Special topics that cannot be included in the main book series are covered in separate supplements. Volumes published to date:

Band 3.1-3 (Der Dom S. Maria Assunta. Architektur), München 1999 und 2006.
Band 3.1.1 und 3.1.2 Textbände
Band 3.2 Bildband
Band 3.3 Planband

Band 2.1-4 (Kirchen: Carità bis S. Domenico), München 1992.
Band 2.1 Textband
Band 2.2 Textband
Band 2.3 Bildband
Band 2.4 Planband

Band 1.1-3 (Kirchen: Abbadia all'Arco bis S. Biagio), München 1985
Band 1.1: Textband
Band 1.2: Bildband
Band 1.3: Planband

Costruire una cattedrale. L'Opera di Santa Marita di Siena tra XII e XIV secolo
Andrea Giorgi und Stefano Moscadelli
Deutscher Kunstverlag, München 2005
Die Kirchen von Siena: Beiheft, 3
ISBN 3-422-06550-4

Il Duomo di Siena al tempo di Alessandro VII. Carteggio e disegni (1658-1667)
Monika Butzek
Bruckmann Verlag, München 1996
Die Kirchen von Siena: Beiheft, 2
ISBN 3-7654-2860-4

L'Archivio dell'Opera della Metropolitana
Stefano Moscadelli
Bruckmann Verlag, München 1995
Die Kirchen von Siena: Beiheft, 1
ISBN 3-7654-2698-9


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Director emeritus Max Seidel


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