Equal Opportunities

The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz is committed – in line with the principles of equal opportunity at the Max Planck Society – to equality between women and men.

Key measures in this context include flexitime and a family-friendly environment, both of which form the basis of a good work-life balance, as well as career advancement programmes for (junior) female academics, which in the long term will increase the proportion of women in management and supervisory positions, too.

The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz and the Max Planck Society offer regular training and development programmes for (junior) female academics.

Mentoring, Coaching and Advisory Services

Strategic career planning for women

The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz regularly holds seminars offering individual coaching sessions with an expert (trainer and coach) in career planning. For details of the next seminar, please contact the Gender Equality Officers.

Current training programme

For details about the Max Planck Society's current training and development programme, please contact the Gender Equality Officers.

Sign up! Careerbuilding

The "Sign up! Careerbuilding" programme is run in collaboration with EAF Berlin, Diversity in Leadership (Europäische Akademie für Frauen in Politik und Wirtschaft Berlin e.V.). It supports women with leadership potential in their career planning and prepares them for management positions in academia.

The Max Planck Society assumes the costs of the programme and its events. Participants' travel costs are reimbursed by their institutes.

Externally-funded scholarship holders

Further support measures are available for women holding externally-funded scholarships.LaKoG (the regional assembly of gender equality officers at universities and academic institutions in Baden-Württemberg), for example, offers mentoring and training for (junior) female academics, coordinates development programmes for specific target groups and provides information on ways for women in academia to assist younger women advance their careers.


Minerva FemmeNet

Minerva FemmeNet is a mentoring programme set up by the Max Planck Society. It offers support to all junior female academics, tailored to every level of qualification – from PhD student to university professor.


The AcademiaNet database provides profiles of excellent female academics from all disciplines and thus makes women more visible.

The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz strives to improve the compatibility of work and family, for example with models for flexitime and teleworking. Solutions in the areas of childcare and eldercare can also be accessed via the Max Planck Society's family service.


In the event of pregnancy and birth, employment contracts – in principle including fixed-term contracts – can be extended. For details of nurseries and schools in Florence, and information on childcare options for school-age children during the summer holidays, please contact the Gender Equality Officers. Financial allowances are paid towards the costs of childcare during lectures and work-related trips. The Institute is planning to create a parent-and-child room. The corresponding building is currently in the process of renovation and conversion.

Homecare - Eldercare

The Max-Planck-Gesellschaft works with the company pme Familenservice. The Homecare-Eldercare service is available to employees of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz with parents needing care in Germany. The Max Planck Society assumes the costs of advice and the arrangement of individual care solutions, but not the costs of care itself.

Gender Equality Officers

Email: gleichstellung@khi.fi.it

Claudia Peters
Tel.: +39 055 24911-62
E-Mail: claudia.peters@khi.fi.it

Ute Dercks
Tel.: +39 055 24911-38
E-Mail: dercks@khi.fi.it

Max Planck Society

Ulla Weber
Central Gender Equality Officer at the Max Planck Society

Tel.: +49 (0)89 2108-1421
E-Mail: ulla.weber@gv.mpg.de 


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