Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz

LXIII. Band (2021), Heft 1

Bad Reception: Expressing Disapproval of Art in Early Modern Italy

edited by Diletta Gamberini, Jonathan K. Nelson, Alessandro Nova

Diletta Gamberini - Jonathan K. Nelson 
(pp. 3–5)

Alessandro Nova
Bad Reception in Early Modern Italy: An Introduction
(pp. 6–13)


Aufsätze – Saggi

Jonathan K. Nelson - Richard J. Zeckhauser
Italian Renaissance Portraits that Disappoint: Isabella d'Este, Francesco del Giocondo and Other Displeased Patrons
(pp. 14–31)

David Ekserdjian
Bad Reception and the Renaissance Altarpiece
(pp. 32–45)

Chiara Franceschini
Giudizi negativi e stime d'artista nel mondo di Vasari e Michelangelo
(pp. 46–69)

Diletta Gamberini
The Fiascos of Mimesis: Ancient Sources for Renaissance Verse Ridiculing Art
(pp. 70–81)

Maddalena Spagnolo
Effimere saette: sfide e limiti di una Kunstliteratur satirico-burlesca
(pp. 82–97)

Paolo Celi
"Che non l'arebbe fat'a pena Cuio". Porte, apparati e facciata fiorentine in tre testi pasquineschi dello Zoppo Carrozziere e dell'Etrusco
(pp. 98–113)

Sefy Hendler
"Broken into pieces and its head thrown into the square": The Numerous Failures of Michelangelo's Bronze Statue of Pope Julius II
(pp. 114–125)

Raymond Carlson
Epistolary Criticism, the Minerva Christ, and Michelangelo's Garzone Problem 
(pp. 126–145)

Gail Feigenbaum
Vulgarity and the Masterly Manner: Annibale Carracci Cites His Sources 
(pp. 146–159)


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