Julie Deschepper, Ph.D.

Assistente di ricerca

Julie Deschepper is an Academic Assistant in the Department of Gerhard Wolf. Trained both as a specialist in cultural heritage and a historian of Russia, she received her PhD from INALCO, the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations in Paris (2019).

Her research focuses on socialist material culture, and her work explores theory of heritage, monumental legacies, and transnational history of objects with a specific focus on actors, narratives and emotions. Her work has been published in leading journals, including International Journal of Heritage Studies, and she was recently the guest editor of the Revue Russe. Julie organized multiple academic and outreach events in France and Italy. She co-led the project 'Comparative Looks on Soviet and Contemporary Avant-Gardes' (2017-2018), and curated the exhibition 'The Birth of a Soviet Heritage in France' (Inalco, 2017).

Prior to coming to the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, she was a Max Weber Fellow at the History and Civilization Department of the European University Institute (2019-20), a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Russian Studies Department of Inalco (2019), and a Junior Lecturer at the University Paris VIII (2018). From 2011 to 2014, she was a curatorial assistant in Paris Musées, Musée national d'art moderne and Musée Jean Moulin.

She is currently the co-coordinator of the Francophone network of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.

  • Theory of cultural heritage
  • Material culture of socialism
  • Socialist conception of heritage
  • Monuments and uses of public space in the USSR
  • Heritagization of Soviet architecture; birth of the Soviet modern heritage
  • Revolutions and iconoclasm in a comparative perspective between France and Russia
  • Political uses of ruins in Europe
  • Russian and Soviet artistic avant-gardes
  • Marxist theory of time; conceptions of time (past, present, future, eternity) in the USSR

Revolutionary Architecture in Putin’s Russia: Avant-Garde as a Disputed Heritage

In: 1917 and Today: Putin, Russia and the Legacy of Revolution, ed. Megan Swift, Toronto – under press.


Notion en débat. Le patrimoine

In: Géoconfluences, 2021.



(editor) Le patrimoine russe et soviétique : construction, déconstruction, reconstruction

Revue russe, numéro 53, 2019.



Célébrer, commémorer et oublier 1917 en Europe de l’Ouest (with Olga Bronnikova and Marja Podzorova)

In: Passés Futurs, 5, 2019.



Between Future and Eternity: A Soviet Conception of Heritage

In: International Journal of Heritage Studies, 2018, pp. 491-506.



Le ‘patrimoine soviétique’ dans la Russie contemporaine : généalogie d’un concept

In: Vingtième Siècle. Revue d’histoire, 2018, n°137, pp. 77-98.



Mémoires plurielles et patrimoines dissonants : l’héritage architectural soviétique dans la Russie poutinienne

In: Le Mouvement Social, 2017, n°260, pp. 35-52.



Spectacularisation et patrimonialisation dans la Russie contemporaine : le cas sans précédent de la Tour Choukhov (Moscou)

In: Le spectacle du patrimoine, ed. by Guillaume Ethier, Montréal 2017, pp. 43-72. 


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