Giulia Baldelli M.A.

Freelance Academic Collaborator

Giulia Baldelli studied Philosophy, German Philology and Theatre Studies in Basel and Bern (2007–2011) as well as Modern German Literature at Freie Universität Berlin (2012–2015). She completed her master’s degree with a thesis on reception-guiding narrative strategies in Richard Beer-Hofmann’s novel »Der Tod Georgs« in connection to Bergson’s theory of perception. In her current dissertation project, she turns to the early modern period, focusing on the Görlitz mystic Jacob Böhme (1575–1624) and mainly on textological, i.e. text-object and text-image issues. She is co-founder and coordinator of the Jacob-Böhme-Forschungsstelle at the Stuttgart Research Center for Text Studies as well as co-editor of the volume »Von der wahren Gelassenheit« of the historical-critical new edition of Jacob Böhme’s writings. As freelance academic collaborator within the KHI Research Group Ethico-Aesthetics of the Visual she worked on the recently published German edition of Leon Battista Alberti’s On the Tranquility of the Soul and is currently continuing her research within the project »Practices of Imagination«.

  • Mystical understanding of language and representation of mystical speech
  • Writing, written form and writtenness, textology (text as object)
  • Text-image relations, text as image, text in image (early modern period as well as 20th century) 
  • History of concepts and reception of semantics of serenity and peace of mind 
  • Reception aesthetics and cultural technique of reading in a narratological and philosophical context 
  • Poetological characteristics of philosophical texts, literary components of philosophical works (e.g. Nietzsche’s poetry)
  • Narrative theories in the 20th c. 
  • Theories of perception, conception of reality and their representation around 1900 in literature and philosophy (esp. dreams, visions, déjà vu, twilight states etc.)


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