Federica Rossi, PhD

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Telefon: +39 055 24911-73

Federica Rossi earned her degree from the Academic Institute of Fine Arts «1905» in Moscow; she earned her MA (main subjects: Art History, Slavonic Studies, Italian Literature) following the art-historical curriculum at the University of Turin, and her PhD in art-historical disciplines at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, where she subsequently conducted research activities.

She has worked with numerous Italian and international institutions, such as the Fondazione Ermitage Italia, the Università IUAV di Venezia, the University of Bologna and the Archivio del Moderno (Academia di Architettura, Università della Svizzera Italiana). She has taught at the Politecnico di Torino (II Faculty of Architecture) and at the Moscow Architectural Institute MARCHI.

Since 2015 she has conducted research at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz - Max-Planck Institut (2015-2017, Fritz Thyssen Stiftung; since 2017 she has been an academic collaborator in Professor G. Wolf's department). Currently she is also an SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) academic collaborator at the Archivio del Moderno.

Federica Rossi is a member of the Slavists Italian Association (AIS), and member of the Society for the Study of the Russian Villa (OIRU).

  • Russian art and architecture in relation to western Europe (XV-XX century)
  • The classical tradition in Russia
  • Architectonic and urban transformations in the city of Moscow
  • Palladianism
  • Giovanni Battista Piranesi
  • Multilingual lexica of cultural heritage (Russian, French and Italian languages)
  • Russian travel literature
  • Linguistic analysis of art treatises in Russian translation (XVII-XX century)
  • Preservation and valorization of cultural heritage from a comparative perspective (Europe - Russian Federation)
Management of exhibition and research projects (selection)
  • Historical and architectonic analysis of the Volchonka quarter of Moscow, Foundation «White City Project», Moscow (2012-2014)

  • Conception and curatorship of the exhibition «Piranesi do i posle/Piranesi before and after» (with S. Mikhailovsky, M. Maiskaya and Y. Merenkova), Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow (2016).

Prizes/Recognition (selection)
  • «Pinax d'Argento» national research prize (2008);
  • «James Ackerman» history of architecture international prize for the history of architecture (2008)
  • Medal «For contribution», Agency for the valorization and management of cultural heritage of the Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation (2016)
  • Medal «For active participation in the work of the Society», Society for the Study of the Russian Villa (2017);
  • nomination for the exhibition «Piranesi do i posle/Piranesi before and after» (curated by F. Rossi, S. Mikhailovsky, M. Maiskaya and Y. Merenkova) for Exhibition of the Year 2016 («The Art Newspaper Russia Prize», In Artibus Foundation);
  • nomination for the exhibition catalogue «Piranesi do i posle/Piranesi before and after» (curated by F. Rossi) as Book of the Year in the context of the state prize of the Russian Federation «Innovation 2017».
Organization of international conferences and seminars (selection)
  • The Italian Day. Conservation and Valorization of Industrial Heritage: Italian and European Perspectives, international conference, V International Forum of the Culture of Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg (3 December 2016);
  • New Research on Local Renaissance (with A. Mattiello, I. Mauro and C. Plaza), panels, 63rd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Chicago (30 March - 1 April 2017);
  • 1917: «The Future is our only goal». Russian Revolution in time, space, utopian landscapes and images (with G. Wolf and N. Kleiman), international conference, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, Florence (9-10 December 2017);
  • The architecture of the reconstruction of Moscow after the fire of 1812 in view of the emergence of a European urban model (1800-1840) (with G. Nicoud), research workshop, INHA, Paris (14 April 2018).


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