Felix Jäger, M.A.

Felix Jäger, M.A.

Felix Jäger, M.A.


Doctoral fellow


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Curriculum Vitae

Magister Artium, Medieval History, Art History and Philosophy, Humboldt University of Berlin and University College London, 2014. Student assistant at the section The Technical Image at the Hermann von Helmholtz-Centre for Cultural Techniques, Humboldt University of Berlin, 2010-2013. Student assistant at the cluster of excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung, Humboldt University of Berlin, 2013-2014. Co-organization of the summer academy History Takes Place, hosted by the Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius in Paris, 2010. Freelance work for the exhibition On the Plurality of Worlds: The Arts of the Enlightenment, Berlin State Museums, 2011-2012. Freelance work for the exhibition Signes des Temps: Œuvres Visionnaires d'avant 1914, Beaux-Arts Mons, 2013-2014. Currently PhD candidate in History of Art at Humboldt University, supervised by Prof. Horst Bredekamp. Since May 2014 pre-doctoral fellow of the Minerva Research Group The Nomos of Images: Manifestation and Iconology of Law at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut.

Fields of research

  • Mannerism
  • armor
  • political iconography and iconology of law
  • Bildwissenschaft
  • Japan

Current research 

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