Summer schools (since 2005)

The City as Archive. Histories of Collecting and Archiving in and the Musealisation of Florence, Eighteenth Century to the Present
Studienkurs/Summer School 2018

University and Diversity: The Bolognese Experience (1088–2017)
Studienkurs 2017

Water Forms: History, Gestalt and Semantics of an Element
Summer School 10|2016

Art of Healing. Hospitals in Italy in the Early Modern Era
Summer School 09|2015

L'Aquila - The Future of the Historical Center: A Challenge for Art History
Summer School 09|2014

Images, Objects and a Sacred Site: Assisi in a Transcultural Perspective
Summer School 09|2013

Gegenbild - Abbild - Lichtbild. Florenz und die Toskana im Otto- und Novecento
Studienkurs 09|2012

Building Empires, Shifting Powers: Making Centers at the Crossroads of Central Asia
Spring School 03|2012

Familienrepräsentation und Heiligeninszenierung - Kapellen in Florentiner Kirchen vom 14. bis zum 17. Jahrhundert
Studienkurs 10|2011

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar: Art Histories Between Morocco and Al-Andalus
Summer School 05|2011

Welt, Wissen, Macht. Enzyklopädische Bildprogramme vom Duecento bis zum Quattrocento
Studienkurs 09|2010

Interactions in the Mediterranean Basin: The Case of Late Classical, Aghlabid and Fatimid Tunisia (Tunis/Mahdiyya/Qayrawan)
Summer School 05|2010

Pisa and the Mediterranean
Summer School 09|2009

Italien und die 'longue durée' der Plätze
Studienkurs 09|2008

Das Studiolo: Höfische Gelehrsamkeit zwischen humanistischem Anspruch und Repräsentationsgedanken
Studienkurs 09|2007

Siena: Ordnungen des Raumes, Ordnungen der Bilder (13. bis 15. Jahrhundert)
Studienkurs 09|2006

Sizilien zur Zeit der Normannen (Palermo - Monreale - Cefalù)
Studienkurs 10|2005

Summer school

The summer school ("Studienkurs") of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz is aimed at students at an advanced stage of their studies, PhD students, and finally Postdocs who have recently obtained a PhD. The aim is to investigate a research topic through presentations and joint discussions.

As a rule the "Studienkurs" is held each year. It is organized by the executive director and carried through by assistants and specialists on the topic with particular scientific expertise. The research questions focused on by the "Studienkurs" each time reflect the broad spectrum of studies and scientific interests of the Kunsthistorisches Instituts in Florenz. From a thematic perspective they range from cycles of medieval frescoes to urban planning in the 20th century, while in terms of topography they range from Tuscany situated in central Italy to the external borders of the Mediterranean.

The topic and the calendar of events of the "Studienkurs", together with the application guidelines, are made public on the website of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, as well as through the most used Mailing lists and on History of Art web portals (including:, Mailingliste Italienforschung, Portal Kunstgeschichte, Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker e.V. ). The excursions are organized by the Institute, including any overnight stays. A partial reimbursement of the participants' travel expenses is provided.

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