17. Mai - 18. Mai 2018


Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz

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Variations. (In)Attention at the Present Time

Workshop series
II: Spaces of Attentiveness

organized by Reinhold Görling, Hana Gründler and Francesca Raimondi


In our contemporary "culture of attention" attentiveness is mostly addressed as something that individuals have to bring up or improve. In contrast to this purely subjective view, the workshop approaches the topic of attentiveness from a medial and spatial perspective. Attentiveness is thus understood as a relational modulation, in which architectural, performative and subjective dispositives interplay in creating imaginary, virtual or concrete spaces. These "spaces" are never neutral, but stages where facts, persons, things gain different levels of visibility or remain fully hidden. The workshop gathers different disciplines in order to investigate practices, places and varieties of attention, and to discuss their aesthetical, ethical as well as political dimension.

With contributions from Carolin Behrmann, Claire Bishop, Albert Kirchengast, Achim Reese and Marita Tatari.

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