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Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz

LVIX (2017), Heft 1 (aktuelle Ausgabe)

Visualizing Otherness in Modern Italy (XIX-XX Century)
edited by Eva-Maria Troelenberg in collaboration with Melania Savino


Eva-Maria Troelenberg
Introduction. Constructions of 'Otherness' between Idea and Image in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Italy (pp. 2-9)

Stefano Anastasio
Il Vicino Oriente a Firenze: la formazione della collezione vicinorientale del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze (pp. 10–25)

Melania Savino
La Mesopotamia nei musei italiani: collezioni ed esposizioni (pp. 26-39)

Dana Katz
Reassembling the Sala Araba in Palermo's Museo Nazionale (pp. 40–61)

Olga Bush
Bringing the 'Other' Home: The Islamicate Residential Spaces of the Castello D'Albertis in Genoa, Italy, 1890-1930 (pp. 62–85)

Carmen Belmonte
Staging Colonialism in the 'Other' Italy. Art and Ethnography at Palermo's National Exhibition (1891/92) (pp. 86-107)

Lucia Piccioni
Aeropittura futurista e colonialismo fascista: il paesaggio africano senza l'uomo (pp. 108-123)

Laurie Beth Kalb Cosmo
Defining Self by Collecting the 'Other': Mussolini's Museums at the EUR World's Fair Site (pp. 124-142)

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