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Contact Zones - Studies in Global Art, 3

Walter De Gruyter, Berlin 2017
376 pp.

Print: ISBN 978-3-11-033887-4
eBook (PDF): ISBN 978-3-11-034136-2
eBook (ePub): ISBN 978-3-11-038434-5
Print + eBook: ISBN 978-3-11-034137-9

Images of the Art Museum. Connecting Gaze and Discourse in the History of Museology

edited by Eva-Maria Troelenberg and Melania Savino


To contribute differentiated viewpoints to the currently evolving metadiscourse on the museum, this book seeks to investigate how the institution of the museum has been visualized and translated into different kinds of images and how these images have affected our perception of these institutions. The aim is to discuss a wide range of historical and present-day 'images' of art and archaeology museums in Western and non-Western societies.

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