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Ulrich Middeldorf and the Photothek

Ute Dercks
Ulrich Middeldorf (in the backround) with Bernhard Degenhart, sitting in front of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, 1930s
Ulrich Middeldorf (in the backround) with Bernhard Degenhart, sitting in front of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, 1930s [less]

When Ulrich Middeldorf left Florence in November 1935 to teach art history at the University of Chicago, he bequeathed the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz the 'Photo collection – the special pride of our Institute'. It was organized in the structure that has characterised the Photothek up to the present day.  His influence on the growth of the archive itself was enormous, not only because of his personal donations, but also due to the relationship he fostered with the main patron of the collection – Luigi Vittorio Fossati Bellani. Thanks to him, Middeldorf systematically expanded the sections of the Photothek. He was 25 when he first came to the Institute as a scholar. In the following years he turned the Photothek, which until then had been directed voluntarily by Fritz Gebhard, into a modern research instrument, by re-organising the classification and the card indexes as the main finding aid.  Of particular interest is also Middeldorf's discontinued project of an "art historically organized catalog," in which artists were to be cataloged with biographical data, information on their sphere of activity and their teachers. Also, it included bibliographical references that allowed a closer connection with the library. Equally instructive is annother – only partly surviving – catalog with bibliographical references.



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