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Card indices

The card index of the photo library was managed until 1993 and makes available all acquisitions from 1897 up to the establishment of electronic cataloguing in 1993.

Both a topographical and an artists' catalogue are also available for each of the following sections: painting, sculpture, architecture, drawings and applied arts. Inventors and engravers are listed in the prints catalogue. The iconographic catalogue systematically classifies the themes contained in each section.


Card index by artist

The catalogue lists the names of artists whose works are included in the photo library in alphabetical order.


Topographical card index

This card index lists places in alphabetical order. Places in Italy precede those abroad. Each topographical unit is subdivided as follows: churches and religious institutions, national and municipal museums, villas and palaces and private collections.


Iconographic card index

This catalogue is arranged according to iconographic aspects such as the Old and New Testament, the Lives of the Saints, mythology, literature, history, portraiture and genre scenes.

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