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Silvia Garinei
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The Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz possesses a heterogeneous collection of over two dozen bequests previously belonging to former directors, members of staff and students at the Institute and to scholars closely connected with the city of Florence.

These archives of papers contain transcripts of archival sources, notes, travel journals, artist biographies and bibliographic index cards relating to artworks and collections and to monuments, buildings and cities. They also include manuscripts and typescripts, personal documents and correspondence, pictures, photographs, drawings, books and printed materials.


The most important bequests are those of:

Curt Badt, Fabia Borroni Salvadori, Anton von Boschloo, Heinrich Brockhaus, Werner Cohn, Alessandro Del Vita, Cornel von Fabriczy, Max Goering, Georg Gronau, Detlef von Hadeln, Fritz Heinemann, Georg Kaftal, Herbert Keutner, Friedrich Kriegbaum, Gustav Ludwig, Ulrich Middeldorf, Walter Paatz, Poggi-Heines, Rossi-Bombe, Klara Syeinweg, Henry Thode and Kurt Weigelt.

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